English Language Support

 The focus of English department is always threefold. We are consistently striving to build excellent competency of English language among our students in three different directions : 

  • English in academic  
  • English as comprehensive skills 
  •  English-based talent  

In academic, we are guided by principles and approach from Cambridge curriculum, attached with Islamization of knowledge to prepare the students not only for examination but for life, in general. We initiated few programmes and after-school activities that we believe will benefit students in the fore mentioned directions. We conducted public speaking class, spelling bee training, we exposed our students with various competition such as public speaking, spelling bee, debate tournament, internal campaign, programmes, talks and so forth.  

The best things about all these activities are we always ensure that our students are well-trained and prepared before participating in the competition. For example, in the Malaysia National Public Speaking Championship 2019, the participants went through 35 hours of intense training to build their confidence, eloquence, and critical thinking and presentation skills.   The training that our students went through does not only beneficial in the competition, yet it is a long lasting impact that we try to build in the students, their resilience, determination, hard working, consistency and critical thinking. 


GROUP 1 (Beginner) 

GROUP 2 (Intermediate) 

GROUP 3 (Advance)  

Focus of the Class 

 Reading fluency  I Phonics enhancement I Spelling  

1) Comprehension: Leisure materials  2) Grammar: Basic grammar  3) Writing: Guided writing with materials / sentence structure  4) Vocabulary: Easy – intermediate 

Comprehension: Academic materials  I Grammar: Extensive and advance I Writing: Academic writing I Vocabulary: Intermediate – advanced 

Grade involved  Grade 3 and 4   Very few grade 5 and 6 

 1) Grade 4, 5 and 6   

 2) Grade 4, 5 and 6   

Day / time  Tuesday / Thursday  3:45 – 4:25 

 Monday and Wednesday  3:45 – 4:25 

 Monday and Wednesday  3:45 – 4:25 

Materials  Phonics Book  Story books   Teacher’s own materials  

 Additional Materials  

GROUP 4 (Secondary)  Writing: Academic writing  Grammar: Extensive and advance  Vocabulary: Intermediate – advanced  Grade 7 – 10   Wednesday / Friday  3:45– 4:25  Additional Materials  

Step 1: Contact the Admissions Department
Step 1: Contact the Admissions Department
Step 1: Contact the Admissions Department