Health Care

 Baseerah International School health department provides a number of health care services to our students, here are some examples :

1)  Routine medical checkup for all students when the school starts each year. This checkup includes visual acuity, hearing test, height, weight, and so on.

2)  We do the same medical checkup that is mentioned above for new students.

3)  Continuous medical care to deal with any medical condition like injuries, sprain, strain, nose bleeding, fainting, and so on.

4)  Health campaign to raise student’s awareness about health such as dehydration, sports safety, contagious disease, healthy food, sunburn, and so on.

5)  Series of workshops such as first aids, basic life support, and so on to raise the health awareness of our teachers.

6)  Continuous monitoring of the school canteen to ensure a healthy and clean food supply.

7)  Continuous monitoring of the school premises to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

8)  Continuous cooperation between the health department and the head of the sections in order to prevent and control communicable diseases such as head lice, pinworm infestation, and so on.

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