“The International Exams Department of the University of Cambridge (England)”

Baseerah International School is an accredited center by the International Exams Department of the University of Cambridge.

The school provides the following examinations :

  • A-Level
  • As
  • A2

The school provides all exams on May and October of every year.

The school provides an independent building for the exams so that students take their exams in a comfortable and suitable environment.

The school welcomes students from outside (private candidates or students) and students from other schools beside its registered students.


The school strives to prepare students for taking the International Cambridge examinations and equips them with all the necessary information and skills.

The exam officer meets Baseerah students and their parents during the official working hours for any enquiries pertaining to the exams and subjects. Parents are advised to set appointment through [email protected].

Baseerah students have special fees for the exams which are basically less than the fees of non-Baseerah students.


The school accepts non-Baseerah students with affordable fees.

The school welcomes all enquiries related to the registration, subjects selection, etc for the purpose of guiding students to the suitable courses for their expectations. The school receives enquiries in English and Arabic languages through [email protected] prior to visiting the school.

The school provides free review sessions for those who intend to take (Physics, mathematics, biology, and chemistry) during the exam preparation period to brief students on how to deal with exams.


The school receives students groups from schools and educational institutions for conducting the International Cambridge Exams.

The school gives special discount on subject registration for schools and educational institutions who would like to register their students to sit for the International Cambridge exams in Baseerah International School.

Exam officers and principals may communicate with us through [email protected] to arrange a visit to the school for the purpose making agreement for the fees and examinations.

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