Baseerah International School lays great emphasis on Arabic language as it is the language of the holy Quran and the Islamic identity, which many parents are struggling to enable their children to acquire this great language. Hence, since its inception, Baseerah International School took the responsibility of disseminating Arabic language and teaching to our students from different cultures and backgrounds.

Based on this vision, the school management has considered Arabic as an essential subject for all grades along with English, Malay and STEM. The school has hired some qualified and experienced native teachers to help achieve this mission.


Given that the school has more than 40 nationalities from different countries of the world,  the school has taken into account this great cultural disparity and has divided the students into different groups according to their ages and levels in order to meet the needs of our students.


The school has chosen the curricula carefully, and we were keen to choose the best which can enable us to achieve our educational objectives. We also considered when selecting, the curricula that best fit with the syllabus of IGCSE exam so as to get the students, native and non-native, well prepared for the Cambridge exam. 

Additional activities and CCA

The school also has additional activities to help the students reach a reasonable level of competence in Arabic, which includes the following:

Audio-visual materials

Our classrooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment to enable the teachers to display some materials suitable for our students.

Morning programme

In the morning assembly, the students have the chance to give their own presentations. We are keen to promote various languages to accommodate the teaching of; Arabic, English and Malay.

Competitions and activities

The school regularly holds some competitions and activities such as Arabic public speaking, Arabic poetry, Arabic debates, Arabic dictation and some activities suitable for native and non-native students.

Additional programmes

The school holds some supplementary programmes to help the students with learning difficulties. The school also holds some programmes for the talented students to help them excel in Arabic.

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