Message from the Director



Baseerah International School is an international school that has an Islamic vision, environment, international curriculum (Cambridge), and Arabic and Islamic curriculum. The school adopts education based on gender segregation approach. Thus, male and female students are placed in separate classrooms.

Baseerah presents an integrated model of education by providing competent and well-versed teachers equipped with educational experience and guided activities in an educational and ethical environment for developing a positive moderate generation, which is able to cope with life changes; a creative generation that is able to build an independent character.

Hence, Baseerah places high priority to teaching Qur’an and Arabic language (natives and non-natives). It also focuses on other sciences and languages by providing modern curriculums and laboratories.

Baseerah has attained quality certificate (4 stars category) in private education from the Ministry of Education Malaysia. Moreover, Baseerah is parents’ first choice looking out for Islamic educational environment for their children.

Dear parent, success is what we share with you, and genuinely bringing up our children is our shared goal. Therefore, let’s work together and continuously communicate to attain this goal.

Dear teacher, your role is the cornerstone of the educational process as you bear the heaviest burden, the noble message of education. Your students closely watch you. Their perception of good is what you do and practice, and their perception of bad is what you abandon and avoid. Thus, be a role-model for your students.

Dear students, you are the hope for the future of the Ummah and the precious outcome of the educational and academic process. All parties in the school including parents, management and teachers struggle for you. Indeed, what we offer you is our obligation towards you. So, with a lot of hope and anticipation, we expect you to achieve our expectations about you. You should be responsible enough and obey your parents and teachers, and help them accomplish their duties. Last but not least, I pray that Allah bless you and please your parents and teachers with your achievements.